Jacob C. Bridgeman

Senior FWO fellow, hosted at Ghent University.


There is a close interplay between (quantum) information processing tasks and (quantum) phases and phase transitions. The paradigmatic example of this connection is the use of magnetic domains to encode classical information. The information is protected by the robustness of the magnetic phase. In quantum systems the central example is the Toric code, which protects quantum information using the physics of topological phases.

I focus on the intersection between quantum computing, specifically error correction, many-body physics, and mathematical physics. Recently, I have been developing tools to calculate data for topological phases enriched with defects. I’m also interested in understanding the mathematics associated with topological phases, specifically (higher) fusion categories, for its own sake.

I completed my PhD at the University of Sydney, with Stephen Bartlett, Andrew Doherty and Steve Flammia. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Perimeter Institute. My full CV is available here.


Apr 12, 2024 Lifting topological codes published at @PRX Quantum
work with Aleksander Kubica and Michael Vasmer
Aug 29, 2023 Invertible Bimodule Categories and Generalized Schur Orthogonality published at @CMP
work with Laurens Lootens and Frank Verstraete
May 12, 2023 New paper: Lifting topological codes: Three-dimensional subsystem codes from two-dimensional anyon models
work with Aleksander Kubica and Michael Vasmer
Mar 10, 2023 2202.12880 published @PhysRevB
Feb 4, 2023 QIP2023 is taking place in Ghent this week!